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Zero Trust Networks

Building Secure Systems in Untrusted Networks

By Evan Gilman and Doug Barth

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The perimeter defenses guarding your network perhaps are not as secure as you think. Hosts behind the firewall have no defenses of their own, so when a host in the "trusted" zone is breached, access to your data center is not far behind. That’s an all-too-familiar scenario today. With this practical book, you’ll learn the principles behind zero trust architecture, along with details necessary to implement it.

The Zero Trust Model treats all hosts as if they’re internet-facing, and considers the entire network to be compromised and hostile. By taking this approach, you’ll focus on building strong authentication, authorization, and encryption throughout, while providing compartmentalized access and better operational agility.

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About the Authors

Evan Gilman
Evan Gilman

Evan Gilman is an engineer with a background in computer networks. With roots in academia, and currently working in the public internet, he has been building and operating systems in hostile environments his entire career. An open source contributor, speaker, and author, Evan is passionate about designing systems that strike a balance with the networks they run on.

Doug Barth
Doug Barth

Doug Barth is a software engineer who loves to learn and share his knowledge with others. He has worked on systems of various sizes at companies like Orbitz and PagerDuty. He has built and spoken about monitoring systems, mesh networks, and failure injection practices.

How ScaleFT does Zero Trust security

ScaleFT seamlessly makes trust decisions based on dynamic user and device conditions, maximizing security and minimizing workflow disruption

Dynamic Trust Attestation

The ScaleFT platform makes smarter trust decisions by factoring in user and device context to perform dynamic authorization for each request

Configurable Access Policies

It’s easy for managers to specify who has access to what resources through a simple policy framework that factors in user attributes and device state

Real-time Auth Processing

The ScaleFT access fabric is globally distributed and highly performant, enabling fast authentication and authorization that doesn't interrupt the user workflow

Centralized Access Controls

Every request flows through a central gateway for consistent authentication and authorization, as well as providing a unified monitoring and logging point

Ephemeral Credentials

Every authorized request is issued an ephemeral client certificate or web token scoped to the user, device, and resource being accessed

End-to-end Visibility

ScaleFT is continually collecting user and device attributes and state to make trust decisions, along with auditing all login and session events

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