Zero Trust Access that Scales Faster Teams

Your path to a BeyondCorp-inspired security architecture

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ScaleFT controls access to your company resources through an intelligent access fabric that makes smarter trust decisions in real-time based on dynamic user and device conditions

Eliminate Common Threat Vectors

Removing trust from the network and from static credentials mitigates the growing risk of insider threats

Adhere to Your Security Policies

Enforcing security controls at the application layer is a better way to manage who can access what and when

Remove Barriers to Go Faster

Security is finally a productivity tool with streamlined workflows built into the underlying protocols

Cloud-native security products that just work and are loved by users

Server Access

Securely connect to Linux and Windows servers through a client certificate-backed architecture

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Web Access

Manage access to company web apps through a simple policy-based framework

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It's one thing to say Zero Trust. It's another to actually deliver it.

Dynamic Trust Attestation

The ScaleFT platform makes smarter trust decisions by factoring in user and device context to perform dynamic authorization for each request

Configurable Access Policies

It’s easy for managers to specify who has access to what resources through a simple policy framework that factors in user attributes and device state

Real-time Auth Processing

The ScaleFT access fabric is globally distributed and highly performant, enabling fast authentication and authorization that doesn't interrupt the user workflow

Centralized Access Controls

Every request flows through a central gateway for consistent authentication and authorization, as well as providing a unified monitoring and logging point

Ephemeral Credentials

Every authorized request is issued an ephemeral client certificate or web token scoped to the user, device, and resource being accessed

End-to-end Visibility

ScaleFT is continually collecting user and device attributes and state to make trust decisions, along with auditing all login and session events

Solutions that keep up with the always changing threat landscape

Employee Access

Let your employees work securely from any location without the need for a VPN

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Contractor Access

Grant third party access to company resources without the risk of insider breaches

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Managed Services

Gain secure access to your client’s environments to perform admin tasks

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Compliance Controls

Check off compliance requirements related to access controls and credentials

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