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Managing privileged access to infrastructure resources across all of your employees, contractors, and consultants is a cumbersome task. The traditional method of using static credentials can be problematic in case passwords are stolen or shared. A common approach is to implement a rigorous password rotation policy, but this is difficult to enforce and doesn’t fully protect against misuse.

ScaleFT Zero Trust Access Management bridges your Identity Provider to servers without requiring a connection to your Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controller, protecting your DC from exposure to attacks from the public internet, and enabling powerful cloud server account management without the complexity of network proxying or configuring trust relationships. Furthermore, ScaleFT’s dynamic credentials bring a level of security beyond password and key rotation.

  • ScaleFT transparently secures RDP with up-to-date TLS (1.2+) even on legacy Windows servers

  • ScaleFT is easily deployable across multiple cloud providers (GCE, Azure, AWS) and in your private data-center

  • ScaleFT's account management works with dynamic infrastructure provisioning as in cloud-init and autoscaling groups

  • Endpoint visibility extends the protection of your network perimeter to your users' devices, even BYOD
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