Modern SaaS businesses move fast and take full advantage of cloud-based tools and services for every function. This can make tracking who has access to what resources a challenging task, especially as team members come and go.

ScaleFT Zero Trust Access Management provides both velocity and security for your development and operations teams. By linking ScaleFT with your Identity Provider (IdP) – for example Google Apps or Okta – new employees are quickly on-boarded, with the correct level of access to infrastructure resources.

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Key Benefits

  • By integrating with your Identity Provider, ScaleFT provides fine-grained RBAC to your servers.
  • Because ScaleFT integrates with SSH, most DevOps tools that use SSH as a transport work transparently.
  • Access can be routed through bastions automatically, reducing your exposure to attacks from the public Internet.
  • ScaleFT audits provide visibility of server access and activity across your team.

Customer Stories

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"We're integrating ScaleFT's security and access control platform into our offering."

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“ScaleFT eliminated the complexity and risk of privileged account management."

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