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We help companies achieve their own BeyondCorp-inspired Zero Trust security architecture

Organizations embarking on a security transformation will want to do so with a trusted advisor helping make the right decisions across the associated people, processes, and technology. As the leader in Zero Trust Access Management, we understand what this transformation means, and how best to get there.

Architecture Review

Take a holistic view of your entire landscape by performing a review of your systems and processes. Our expertise with building and operating highly scalable, resilient, and available systems will guide you in the right direction.

System Design

We work closely with you to design the right cloud native security architecture for your organization, ensuring the workflows and processes associated with the Zero Trust model fit the intended end user experience.

Advanced Deployments

Implementing an Access Management solution across an organization often requires advanced configuration and coordination. The ScaleFT platform can be operated as a dedicated deployment in any cloud, or on-premises managed by us.

Custom Integrations

You may have specific requirements for Identity Governance, Monitoring, or Logging as it relates to Access Management. Our team can develop custom integrations to ensure a streamlined user experience is the outcome.

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