ScaleFT provides Zero Trust software which you can use to secure your internal servers and services.

To get started with ScaleFT, you’ll need to create a team, and make a small number of initial configurations in the ScaleFT dashboard.

In ScaleFT, a team is a named group of users who can authenticate with a specific Identity Provider. All configurations and resources in ScaleFT are scoped to a team.

Learn more about making initial configurations

ScaleFT Agent

To manage SSH or RDP access to a server with ScaleFT, you will need to install the ScaleFT Agent on that server.

The ScaleFT Agent is a multi-platform sortware agent which provides features related to access control, including certificate-based authentication, user account management, and auditing access events.

Learn more about the ScaleFT Agent

ScaleFT Client

To use our SSH or RDP features, or some advanced Web Access features, you will need to install the ScaleFT Client on your local workstation.

The ScaleFT Client is a multi-platform desktop application and command-line tool. It runs mostly in the background, and exists to enable client integrations and manage authentication from that workstation. It also provides some configurability for end users.

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