ScaleFT is a cloud-native security platform that brings dynamic access management to applications and infrastructure.


ScaleFT is composed of three components:

  • ScaleFT Platform
  • ScaleFT Agent
  • ScaleFT Client

Using ScaleFT is as simple as deploying the ScaleFT Agent on your servers, and installing the ScaleFT client on your laptop or workstation.

ScaleFT Platform

The API and web dashboard that enable configuration, communication, and coordination across all ScaleFT components. ScaleFT operates a public instance of the platform.

ScaleFT Agent

The multi-OS, host-local agent that interfaces with the server’s local services and user accounts to enable ScaleFT features like certificate-based authentication, user account auto-creation, and superuser privileges.

Unlike older approaches to authentication, this agent is not involved in the active authentication processes of services on the server. ScaleFT certificates can already be cryptographically verified by SSH and services which use X.509 independently of stfd.

ScaleFT Client

The application that users install to interface with their workstation’s local cryptographic stores and enable dynamic authentication workflows.