ScaleFT Now Supports Okta as an Identity Provider

May 10, 2016

by Phoebe Simon

We’re excited to announce that Okta is now available as an identity provider for ScaleFT! The most burdensome part of adopting a new technology is determining whether or not it will work with your existing infrastructure. At ScaleFT, our goal is to make our users’ lives better by not only providing enhanced security, but by also seamlessly integrating with the technologies our customers currently use. With this new integration, users who depend on Okta for authentication can painlessly adopt ScaleFT.

Okta is a widely used identity management system that allows companies to consolidate employee identities in a single location. By integrating with Okta, ScaleFT allows administrators to use their existing Okta SSO credentials to easily and securely authenticate to their infrastructure. Existing SSO solutions for infrastructure require administrators to transmit their credentials to potentially compromised servers or store static keys on end-user devices. ScaleFT issues short-lived certificates that can be verified by OpenSSH without transmitting any credentials to the server and without the risks of static SSH keys.

To use ScaleFT with Okta, choose “Okta” as your authentication method during signup. ScaleFT will prompt you to log into the Okta admin panel, and configure ScaleFT from the Okta Application Network.

For more detailed instructions, check out our documentation on “Configuring a Team with Okta.”


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