ScaleFT Joins Okta to Further the Zero Trust Story

July 18, 2018

by Jason Luce

Just over a year ago, on the day Okta went public, I wrote a post declaring that a new category was born — “Cloud Access Management”. The premise is that an antiquated perimeter-based security model is toast. There’s a new approach based on the principles of “Zero Trust”, and identity and access is the pragmatic starting place. A wholesale change to internet security is happening, and it’s turning into a massive movement.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that Okta has acquired ScaleFT to accelerate this movement together. Our collective goal is to lead this revolution. Okta is a visionary company with an incredible army of customers. More importantly, they have an incredible culture with a highly engaged group of talented humans.1

A few thoughts:

  • I’m constantly asked what the “FT” in ScaleFT means. “FT” stands for “For Teams”. Since the beginning, the ScaleFT founders have cared about making software “For Teams”. We want to make software that helps teams become more agile, and we think security is too often a barrier to true productivity.

  • We started ScaleFT because we believe that Google’s BeyondCorp is the marquee example of security done right. They designed it with two mandates: (1) to prevent security breaches, and (2) the users have to love it. We added a third mandate: (3) help people go faster! With those ideals, we’ve been delivering a Zero Trust architecture to companies of all sizes.

  • The rising awareness of BeyondCorp has made the Zero Trust movement inevitable – it’s past the bleeding-edge to cutting-edge phase. Every security professional will be charged with having a strong opinion on how their organization will adopt this architectural shift.

  • Last, it was a gamble trying to make BeyondCorp a movement, for ScaleFT to lead the movement, and to build a business on this futuristic set of ideas. We got lucky that our timing was spot on, catching the wave right as it inflected.

Bringing our team and technology to Okta for the next phase of this mission is the right move. It’s a perfect fit for the core products we offer today, extending Okta’s SSO and MFA capabilities for secure server access over SSH and RDP. We’re going to help companies with their own Zero Trust missions, getting from base camp to the summit over time.

Okta and ScaleFT are determined to see this through. They’re making the internet safer, and they think we can help. So do we! Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about ScaleFT joining Okta.

– Jason

P.S. Paul told me I can’t say “it’s been an incredible journey” …too bad Paul ;)

1 My mentor, Graham Weston, taught me that we all should aspire to be valued members, on a winning team on an inspiring mission, and we’re getting that at our new home.

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