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A Call for Proactive Security at Rocky Mountain InfoSec 2017

In Conferences by Ivan Dwyer - May 15, 2017

While Zero Trust is still a relatively new idea in the industry, we have Google's BeyondCorp to look at as evidence that it’s achievable... and that it works.


A New Category is Born: Cloud Access Management

In Industry by Jason Luce - April 7, 2017

As we at ScaleFT near the two-year mark on our journey to reimagine how companies secure their sensitive resources, today was an exciting day for our industry as Okta went public with a strong first day showing


How Rackspace Leverages ScaleFT to Provide Secure Fanatical Support

In Customers by Ivan Dwyer - April 5, 2017

Fanatical Support is more than a catchy tagline, it’s a core tenet of the Rackspace culture as a leading managed service provider. For many companies, migrating workloads to the cloud and adopting the inherent technologies requires the right partner to guide them along the way.


How DreamHack Used ScaleFT to Secure the World’s Largest Digital Festival

In Customers by Ivan Dwyer - April 3, 2017

From humble beginnings as a local LAN party in Sweden, DreamHack has grown to become the world’s largest Digital Festival, bringing 20,000+ people together for a weekend of gaming, music, art, and more.


Google Security Talks during RSA Conference 2017

In Conferences by Ivan Dwyer - February 21, 2017

To avoid getting lost in the shuffle, Google held a satellite event just down the street at their Developer Launchpad], where they delivered two days of presentations and panels related to security.


Usenix Enigma 2017 - Closing the Gap Between Security and Usability

In Conferences by Ivan Dwyer - February 2, 2017

I attended the Usenix Enigma conference this week in Oakland, which brought together some of the brightest minds in security across academia, government, and business.


Google's Infrastructure Security Design Revealed

In Security by Ivan Dwyer - January 18, 2017

The BeyondCorp papers that we often reference here at ScaleFT have provided insight into their practices for how employees access protected resources, and now we're fortunate to be presented an in-depth view into how they secure their entire infrastructure through the publication of a new whitepaper


Real World Crypto 2017: Day 3

In Conferences by Russell Haering - January 13, 2017

This is the third and final post describing my favorite talks from Real World Crypto 2017.


BeyondCorp is security for the Cloud Native organization

In Security by Ivan Dwyer - January 10, 2017

The term Cloud Native usually references application-centric tools and patterns, so what does it mean to be a Cloud Native organization? It begins with the awareness that being a software company goes beyond simply making technology choices.


Real World Crypto 2017: Day 2

In Conferences by Russell Haering - January 6, 2017

Yesterday I published my thoughts on some of my favorite talks from Day One of Real World Crypto 2017. The following are some highlights from Day Two.


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