BeyondCorp is an internal initiative within Google meant to reimagine their own security with regards to how employees and devices access protected resources. The resulting architecture enables Google employees to securely access internal applications from any location without the use of a VPN.

ScaleFT Zero Trust Access Management is inspired by the principles of BeyondCorp for real-time authentication and authorization of users and devices, and we enable organizations to operate a perimeterless security architecture of their own to better manage access to protected resources.

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The following papers by Google outline the BeyondCorp concepts and their migration path
"Google is taking a different approach to network security. We are removing the requirement for a privileged intranet and moving our corporate applications to the Internet."
The BeyondCorp Architecture

Google's architecture is made up of a number of carefully coordinated components, which can be used as reference for any organization looking to move towards their own like-minded zero-trust environment. At ScaleFT, we work closely with you to craft the right people, processes, and technology that make up a modern perimeterless architecture like that of BeyondCorp.

BeyondCorp Architecture Diagram
Device Inventory Service

A system that continuously collects, processes, and publishes changes about the state of known devices.

Trust Inferer

A system that continuously analyzes and annotates device state to determine the maximum trust tier for accessing resources.


The applications, services, and infrastructure that are subject to access control by the system.

Access Control Engine

A centralized policy enforcement service that provides authorization decisions in real time.

Access Policy

A programmatic representation of the resources, trust tiers, and other predicates that must be satisfied for successful auth.


SSH servers, web proxies, and 802.1x-enabled wireless networks that perform authorization actions.

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As BeyondCorp introduces a lot of fresh ideas to the always changing security landscape, we're looking to build a community of like minded individuals and organizations who see its potential. Join us.

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