The ScaleFT Access Fabric

Bringing Google's BeyondCorp to the Masses

Google flipped the traditional corporate security model on its head by removing all trust from the network, and building a dynamic layer 7 authentication and authorization system. ScaleFT built its Access Fabric to deliver companies the same security and producitvity outcomes without having to build such a complex distributed system.

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The IT security landscape is changing fast, and the traditional perimeter-based methods are no longer effective in mitigating the risk of insider threats. As the walls of the perimeter break down, a new architecture is emerging that better aligns with how companies work in the modern cloud era - Zero Trust.

As the leader in Zero Trust security solutions for the enterprise, we are pleased to introduce the ScaleFT Access Fabric – a globally distributed system that makes lightning fast authorization decisions against custom policies based on dynamic user and device data. The Access Fabric is a key component of the ScaleFT Platform for managing access to corporate resources.

We work closely with our customers to implement Zero Trust workflows for your company resources. We'll help you design the architecture and migrate your resources to a better security model. Tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll share more about our products and services.

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The ScaleFT Access Fabric in Action

Making real-time trust decisions based on dynamic conditions requires a new architecture that can adapt to changing environments in real-time. We’ve developed our Access Fabric as a key component of the ScaleFT Platform to do just that.

Gateway Service

A reverse proxy service sits in front of every protected resource, acting as a gateway for all traffic. The service centralizes the access controls and is an ideal logging and monitoring point.

Stream Processor

We are continually collecting user, device, and session attributes and state through a globally distributed kafka-based architecture to make smarter trust decisions on-demand.

Authorization Engine

Every request to a protected resource is authorized against the access policies, where real-time context is matched against the data collected by the Stream Processor.

Remediation Helper

To improve the user and experience and encourage better security posture, the output of denied requests are displayed as human readable messages with self-remediation tips.

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