Managing privileged access to infrastructure resources across all of your employees, contractors, and consultants is a cumbersome task. The traditional method of using static credentials can be problematic in case an SSH key is lost, stolen, or even just shared. A common approach is to implement a rigorous key rotation policy, but this is difficult to enforce and doesn’t fully protect against misuse.

ScaleFT Zero Trust Access Management greatly improves security for Linux server administration by eliminating static credentials altogether in favor or short-lived client certificates issued on every login attempt. With ScaleFT, you can better control who has access to what servers through a flexible RBAC model, manage Linux users and groups easily, and view team activity in a centralized location.

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Key Benefits

  • Protect infrastructure by eliminating static credentials for users and services
  • Better control privileged access through a dynamic, real-time auth model
  • Manage team activity more effectively with centralized auditing and logging
  • Enforce user and connecting device rules through group and client policies

Customer Stories

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"We're integrating ScaleFT's security and access control platform into our offering."

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“ScaleFT eliminated the complexity and risk of privileged account management."

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