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We're reinventing corporate security by introducing a better architecture based on the core principles of Zero Trust

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Access management built for the modern cloud

Ensure that every request to sensitive company resources is fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted

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Users and Devices

Our access controls are centered around dynamic user and device conditions. We integrate with your IdP and users run a lightweight client app of their devices.

Access Policies

Our simple policy framework takes user, device, and session data into account. You can easily create custom policies for projects and resources.

Your Resources

Our platform centralizes access controls for a consistent auth workflow. Simply point your corporate resources to ScaleFT and we’ll handle the rest.

User Behavior

All traffic is monitored and logged, and every event is tracked. Perfect for identifying common behaviors and sniffing out suspicious activity.

The traditional perimeter-based security methods are broken

The cloud has drastically changed how IT departments operate, however common security practices are still stuck in the past. With the rise of mobile devices and remote workers, the network is no longer an effective way to determine trust.


of security breaches in 2016 involved privileged credentials

Source: Verizon


authentication events per day per person

Source: NIST


of organizations are operating in the cloud

Source: Crowd Research

Google solved these challenges with BeyondCorp

Their mission was to have every Google employee work successfully from untrusted networks without use of a VPN. The result is a Zero Trust architecture that keeps the company secure without impacting productivity.

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1. Connecting from a particular network must not determine which services you can access
2. Access to services is granted based on what we know about you and your device
3. All access to services must be authenticated, authorized, and encrypted

Zero Trust is the future of security

The Zero Trust model better protects against common attack vectors by treating all traffic as untrusted by default, and through making smarter decisions in real-time based on dynamic conditions

The perimeter defenses guarding your network perhaps are not as secure as you think. Hosts behind the firewall have no defenses of their own, so when a host in the "trusted" zone is breached, access to your data center is not far behind. That’s an all-too-familiar scenario today. With this practical book, you’ll learn the principles behind zero trust architecture, along with details necessary to implement it.

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ScaleFT Is the Zero Trust Security Company

Only ScaleFT offers a comprehensive Zero Trust platform that unifies access controls across all user and resource types, saving you from having to deploy and manage disparate PAM and IAM products

ScaleFT Zero Trust Server Access
Server Access

Securely connect to Linux and Windows servers over SSH and RDP through a client certificate-backed architecture that eliminates the use of static credentials

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ScaleFT Zero Trust Web Access
Web Access

Manage who has access to what company web apps through a simple policy-based framework that authenticates and authorizes every request in real-time

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"Our Passport feature leverages ScaleFT to give Rackers and Customers secure access control to their AWS environments. This capability is a key part of our value to Customers."

- Erik Carlin, Vice President, Fanatical AWS Product & Engineering at Rackspace

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