Mobile Device Identity

Mobile devices play an ever larger role in today’s workplace, but employees prefer freedom of choosing the device they’re most comfortable with. This makes security all the more challenging.

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Security Without Sacrificing Choice

Mobile device use in the workplace is prolific. A 2016 study found that 89% of employee mobile devices regularly connect to corporate networks1. Moreover, at least a third of all companies have stopped supplying devices to their employees. So how do IT Managers cope with this new BYOD reality?

It’s not easy. First, keeping track of all these devices is challenging: it’s important to know what devices employees use to understand and mitigate risk. The second is out of date software. Some employees are better than others in keeping their devices up to date. In reality, you need all of your employees to install updates as soon as possible: out-of-date software is frequently the source of high-profile corporate security breaches.

ScaleFT makes mobile device management easy. Employees enroll their devices -- whether privately or company owned. We do the rest, monitoring device attributes and state to secure your data. Should a mobile device fall behind in updates, policies can be customized to enforce device upkeep. Suggestions for remediation are provided within the authentication and authorization workflow, and in plain language so users regardless of technical ability can self-remediate.

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Why ScaleFT for Managing Mobile Devices

More Secure

No more worrying about BYOD devices on your corporate network. Employees play an active role in maintaining their personal security through active participation in patching efforts.

Better Visibility

ScaleFT’s dashboard provides a unified location to monitor network traffic. Know which devices your employees are using to access company resources, and address problem areas faster.

Human Friendly

It’s not good enough to just display an 'Access Denied' error to end users. With ScaleFT's self-remediation helper, users know exactly why they’ve been denied access, and plain-language steps to fix the issue.

Key Features

  • Native Client App for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux

  • Continuous endpoint monitoring

  • Device enrollment to access resources

  • Integration with local crypto storage

  • Local tooling for SSH, RDP, and TLS

  • Remediation helper for out-of-date devices

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