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Being a trusted advisor for a company bears a lot of responsibility. By following the principles of Zero Trust, MSPs can better serve their customers in a safe and secure manner.

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Digital Transformation Needs Security Transformation

The rise of the cloud has led many enterprise organizations on the path of digital transformation, operating more like a software company to deliver continuous innovation to the customer base. For many, this new cloud-native environment requires guidance from experts.

Managed Service Providers operating complex infrastructure deployments on behalf of their customers can no longer rely on the perimeter to defend applications and data. In order to keep up with the pace of innovation, MSPs need a new generation of best-in-breed tools for managing privileged user account access.

ScaleFT makes it simple to protect customer resources by automating fine-grained Role-Based Access Control, and eliminating static credentials as an attack vector. Choosing ScaleFT allows MSPs to offer their customers the benefits of Zero Trust as a key component of their offering, backed by our team for implementation support.

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Why ScaleFT for Managed Service Providers

Compatible With Any Cloud

ScaleFT protects resources across any cloud environment, and integrates with the underlying platforms natively so you don’t have to make any changes to your access policies.

Flexible Identity Governance

You can use ScaleFT with any Identity Provider, in the cloud or on-premises. By decoupling the access logic from the system of record, you can be more cloud native and avoid lock-in.

Simple to Manage

With a single access policy framework that is simple to understand, you can manage access to cloud resources across different environment in a consistent and clear manner.

Key Features

  • Auto enrollment of cloud resources

  • Login to cloud resources without using keys

  • Use bastions to hop to secure instances

  • Create custom access policies across clouds

  • Manage users and groups in one place

  • Audit all login and administrative events

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