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Today’s modern workforce demands mobility, but traditional security methods are built for a static workplace environment. A new way of thinking is needed to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands.

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Security for the Modern Workplace

Employees today work outside the office more than ever. A 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that a quarter of employed Americans either did some or all their work from home. Add in those working on business trips, from coworking spaces, or even coffee shops and the true number of non-office bound employees is likely higher. While employees need to stay productive to get their work done, and extra care taken when outside the intranet, your employees shouldn’t struggle to access job critical documents.

This new work dynamic poses new security challenges that weren’t an issue even a decade ago for IT managers. While managing privileged access to sensitive company data is a challenge regardless, in an increasingly mobile workforce those issues are more pronounced.

ScaleFT’s platform is built to address this problem. Based on the Zero Trust model, ScaleFT does not automatically grant access merely based on a correct username and password. Those inherently insecure static credentials are instead replaced with ephemeral client certificates scaled to the scope and context of the user’s request, and are valid for only a limited time. The result? A dramatic reduction in exploit risk.

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Why ScaleFT for Managing Employee Access

Consistent User Experience

ScaleFT delivers the same user experience for both privileged and general access to infrastructure and web resources. The underlying security measures are all but invisible to the end user.

Simple to Manage

Easy to understand and use, ScaleFT’s role and attribute based controls allows IT managers to easily set up policies to specify what users have access to what without wasting valuable time on complex workflows.

Better Security Posture

With ScaleFT, every request is issued an ephemeral credential; limited in time and scope. Access is only granted when the user and device are fully authenticated and authorized, eliminating common attack vectors.

Key Features

  • Ephemeral credentials scoped to each request

  • Role and attribute based access controls

  • Team federation capabilities

  • Approval and preauthorization workflow API

  • Device enrollment and endpoint monitoring

  • Employee activity audit trail

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