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Freelancers, contractors and third-party entities are commonplace in today’s workforce. Managing their access to sensitive company data can be challenging however, and it opens you up to potential data breaches.

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Stay In Control of Your Data

Keeping your business moving might require outsourcing work to third party contractors. However, without careful planning you put sensitive company data at risk. It’s easy to forget whom you’ve granted access to -- especially in large-scale projects -- and keeping track of a large number of contractors is time-consuming for even the most organized.

That can be a problem. Consider this statistic: just about half of respondents to a 2016 survey said they had experienced a breach as a result of a third-party vendor, 15 percent higher than those that had experienced a breach due to internal factors. This often has much to do with leaked credentials, or a lack of an easy way to track who has access to what.

ScaleFT provides a solution. Credentials are scoped to a user and their device, and access can be limited to devices you know are associated with that particular vendor. Credentials are short-lived and rendered useless after each request, which limits their usability in any attack. ScaleFT requires little supervision: your predetermined access policies work behind the scenes to automatically limit access to only what your vendor needs to see, and nothing more.

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Why ScaleFT for Managing Contractor Access

Visibility Into Activity

With centralized access controls, all traffic is monitored and logged, and every event tracked. Using the ScaleFT dashboard, you can easily manage all third parties and contractors, and spot any problems quickly.

Simple to Manage

Easy to understand and use, ScaleFT’s role and attribute based controls allows IT managers to easily set up policies to specify what users have access to what without wasting valuable time on complex workflows.

Better Security Posture

With ScaleFT, every request is issued an ephemeral credential; limited in time and scope. Access is only granted when the user and device are fully authenticated and authorized, eliminating common attack vectors.

Key Features

  • Ephemeral credentials scoped to each request

  • Role and attribute based access controls

  • Team federation capabilities

  • Approval and preauthorization workflow API

  • Device enrollment and endpoint monitoring

  • User activity audit trail

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