Compliance Controls

Attack surfaces are changing. IT is changing too. It's important to keep up, but hard to when compliance requirements must be met. Maintaining real security while checking off all the boxes becomes all the more challenging.

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Staying Secure AND Compliant

Meeting compliance is the number one responsibility for the Chief Security Officer. But that’s a big task, considering the strict specifications of compliance requirements and standards, and the many steps your IT team needs to take to get to that point. Add to this the changing nature of attacks themselves and it’s a lot to keep on top of.

A solution is needed to manage these disparate compliance efforts, without devoting IT personnel to the task when today's threat landscape demands on more hands-on approach. The standard perimeter-based model is breaking down as our workforce requires more mobility. So how can IT managers optimize their personnel resources better?

Zero Trust is the solution. By design, it already does what some compliance requirements and standards require: encrypted data and communications, no static credentials, no blind trust in the network, and better visibility into traffic. Zero Trust is at the core of ScaleFT, and helps companies meet compliance requirements while also modernizing IT security. It also can be deployed anywhere, as a public SaaS or dedicated single-tenant deployment in the cloud, or managed on premises.

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Why ScaleFT for Security Compliance

Better Architecture

Zero Trust is inherently a better overall security architecture to reduce risk, as the model allows you to adapt to the constantly changing threats and attack surfaces.

Meets Advanced Requirements

Our method for identity and privileged access helps with even the most challenging line items. This makes meeting those requirements much simpler overall, without losing sight of security.

Flexible Deployment

ScaleFT can be deployed anywhere to keep data safe and secure - we operate as a public SaaS, a dedicated single-tenant deployment in the cloud, or managed on-premises.

Key Features

  • Fully authenticated and authorized sessions

  • End-to-end encryption using standard TLS 1.2

  • Cryptographically verifiable client certificates

  • Role and attribute based access controls

  • Configurable user and device access policies

  • Event-based audit trail

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