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Introducing ScaleFT Web Access, the BeyondCorp way to manage access to internal applications without the need for a VPN. Through a Zero Trust architecture operating at layer 7, ScaleFT makes a real-time attestation of trust based on dynamic user and device conditions, then issuing a tightly scoped ephemeral credential. This model significantly lowers the attack surface of insider threats, while providing a more friendly login experience for the user. Security that works and is loved by users? The best of both worlds!

ScaleFT Web Access is backed by an Access Fabric, a globally distributed authorization engine capable of making intelligent trust decisions at the edge, while operating the necessary end-to-end PKI between endpoints and resources. This webinar will walk through the backing architecture of ScaleFT Web Access, as well as a hands-on walkthrough of the process to deploy applications behind the Access Fabric.

This webinar is for anyone who believes in the BeyondCorp model, and is wondering how to get the same outcomes as Google without having to build it yourself.

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