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Rackspace Partners with ScaleFT to Build AWS Offering

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Many businesses are seeking assistance from certified experts in getting the most out of AWS. Migration, architecture design, security and operations can take your focus away from your core business. Fanatical Support® for AWS is the answer for businesses facing these challenges. Rackspace blends technology and automation plus human experts to deliver ongoing architecture, security, and 24x7x365 operations backed by AWS certified engineers and architects.

Rackspace (NYSE: RAX), the #1 managed cloud company, helps businesses tap the power of cloud computing without the challenge and expense of managing complex IT infrastructure and application platforms on their own. Rackspace engineers deliver specialized expertise on top of leading technologies developed by AWS, OpenStack®, Microsoft®, VMware® and others, through a results-obsessed service known as Fanatical Support®.

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"Our Passport feature leverages ScaleFT to give Rackers and Customers secure access control to their AWS environments. This capability is a key part of our value to Customers."

- Erik Carlin, Vice President, Fanatical AWS Product & Engineering at Rackspace

The Challenge

In mid-2015, Rackspace had set its sights on accessing huge and fast-growing new markets by offering Fanatical Support on third-party clouds.

In order to launch a new business unit to add AWS support to the portfolio of managed service offerings, Rackspace needed a new generation of best-of-breed tools for managing privileged user account access, and needed to deploy them rapidly to accommodate the aggressive pace of business in the cloud.

Among the features Rackspace required to provide Fanatical Support on AWS was fine-grained Role-Based Access Control and Federation to enable customers to securely access their cloud infrastructure. To be Rackspace-scale, enabling automation with secure API integrations was also absolutely necessary. Finally, in today’s threat landscape of sophisticated attackers, the need for advanced security across multiple clouds has never been greater.

Why ScaleFT

On October 6th, 2015, Rackspace announced Fanatical Support® for Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the AWS re:Invent conference. Since launch, Rackspace has run ScaleFT on thousands of production EC2 instances, deployed as a private on-premise solution managed by Rackspace.

Rackspace turned to ScaleFT because, as ScaleFT’s founders had deep experience with the challenges cloud hosting, ScaleFT’s access control solution was immediately a natural fit for Rackspace’s needs, and because it was the best choice for the company moving forward.

ScaleFT delivers Identity Management with RBAC, including a single identity system across both AWS and Rackspace clouds, enabling security and architecture best practices such as centralized control in a decentralized architecture with a default-deny security posture available across every operating system.

The Benefits

Using ScaleFT as its authentication solution has enabled Rackspace Fanatical AWS to become Rackspace’s fastest growing business unit, with hundreds of customers and thousands of instances under management, by allowing them to focus on delivering Fanatical Support and leaving the problems of authentication security to ScaleFT.

“Our Passport feature leverages ScaleFT to give Rackers and Customers secure access control to their AWS environments. This capability is a key part of our value to Customers,” said Erik Carlin, Vice President, Fanatical AWS Product & Engineering at Rackspace. A large part of the appeal of ScaleFT to Rackspace is the single, unified platform for authentication. Ensuring that Rackspace customer information is safe, all environments are highly available, and supporting the enterprise SLAs that enterprise customers expect is a challenge that ScaleFT meets readily.

“We take security incredibly seriously and Fanatical Support for AWS is a big part of our customers daily lives”, says Chris Kuehl Principal Architect, Fanatical support for AWS "Fanatical Support + AWS reliable infrastructure services + our security controls are incredibly important to our customers."

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