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Jungle Disk leverages ScaleFT for its privileged access management

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Jungle Disk provides Data Threat Protection™ services to businesses using multiple hosting service providers creating a much more reliable and consistent service than tape backup. Electronic files and digital data are now under constant, active threat from ransomware, malware, viruses, bots, denialof-service attacks and global networks of criminal hackers who break-in, disrupt and destroy in nanoseconds from anywhere on the planet. In addition to providing powerful software for data backup they offer an active security shield as sophisticated and multi-layered as the threats.

Jungle Disk has brought the most powerful, multi-layered military grade technology together with the speed and cost efficiency of the cloud to provide an active security shield that’s so simple and affordable, now companies of any size can build a digital fortress for their data. Its combined suite of services is called Data Threat Protection.

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Why ScaleFT

ScaleFT was implemented to protect privileged user access to all of Jungle Disk's service platform systems that Jungle Disk customers rely on to protect their data. ScaleFT integrates with Jungle Disk's existing tools to provide Role-Based Access Control using time-limited credentials with a default-deny posture.

The Architectural Details

ScaleFT integrates with Jungle Disk's corporate Identity Provider using OpenID Connect, securely bridging the company's source of truth about employees to Jungle Disk’s cloud infrastructure.

The Jungle Disk DevOps team uses Ansible to manage cloud infrastructure. ScaleFT's time-limited and role-based credentials work with Ansible by providing cryptographic certificates to SSH.

ScaleFT was deployed as a unified authentication method to all of Jungle Disk's existing multiprovider infrastructure without downtime or disruption to users.

Jungle Disk + ScaleFT

Jungle Disk's strategy of enabling customers to survive a major data loss event by delivering a simple secure backup service backed by expert customer support is dependant on secure, reliable infrastructure. ScaleFT's authentication architecture was the natural choice to protect Jungle Disk's infrastructure and customers.

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