Zero Trust Access Management

A BeyondCorp-inspired platform that shifts access controls from the network perimeter to the application layer, to perform dynamic, real-time authorization

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A better architecture for protecting your sensitive company resources

Only ScaleFT offers a comprehensive Zero Trust platform that unifies access controls across all user and resource types, saving you from having to deploy and manage separate PAM and IAM products

Server Access

Securely connect to Linux and Windows servers through a client certificate-backed architecture

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Web Access

Manage access to company web apps through a simple policy-based framework

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The ScaleFT Access Fabric

Making real-time trust decisions based on dynamic conditions requires a low latency, highly available environment. Backing our platform is the Access Fabric – a globally distributed, real-time authorization system.

ScaleFT Access Fabric
Access Gateway

A reverse proxy service protects every resource, centralizing access controls

Data Pipeline

A kafka-based pipeline continually collecting user, device, and session data

Authorization Engine

A service that makes a trust attestation against the policies of the resource

Remediation Helper

A service that outputs human readable self remediation tips for device posture

Core Platform Features

Dynamic Trust Attestation

ScaleFT makes smarter authorization decisions by factoring in the context of each request, as opposed to the traditional perimeter based methods

  • Trust decisions removed from the network and placed at the endpoints
  • Factors in user and device conditions at the time of each request
  • Trust is continually re-evaluated to account for changing environments
Dynamic Trust Attestation
Configurable Access Policies
Configurable Access Policies

Managers can easily customize who has access to what resources through a simple policy framework that accounts for user, device, and session data

  • Easy to grok fact-based framework where attributes must be true to be authorized
  • Policies can be tuned for each team for more granular access management
  • Managers can use the Dashboard to create and edit policies with ease
Centralized Access Controls

Every request flows through a central gateway for consistent authentication and authorization, as well as providing a unified monitoring and logging point

  • A reverse proxy service is placed in front of every resource to handle every request
  • Integrates with any Identity Provider and OIDC, SAML, LDAP, or ADFS
  • Integrates with a wide range of logging and SIEM services
Centralized Access Controls
Real-time Auth Processing
Real-time Auth Processing

The ScaleFT Access Fabric is globally distributed and highly performant, enabling fast authentication and authorization that doesn’t interrupt the user workflow

  • Kafka-backed architecture for fast stream processing
  • Authentication process integrated natively with your Identity Provider
  • Authorization processing done at the edge against the access policies
Ephemeral Credentials

Every authorized request issues a single-use client certificate or web token scoped to the user, device, and resource being accessed

  • No need to manage a revocation list, rotation policy or keep credentials in a vault
  • Built-in Certificate Authority issues client certificates with fast expiration
  • User and device metadata injected into credentials
Ephemeral Credentials
End-to-end Visibility
End-to-end Visibility

ScaleFT is continually collecting user and device attributes and state to make trust decisions, along with auditing all login and session events

  • Monitors all user devices to track if the software is up-to-date and the disks are encrypted
  • Every event is logged with object references for clear understanding of behaviors
  • All objects and events are viewable via the Dashboard

Platform Architecture

The ScaleFT platform is a globally distributed set of cloud native components built for performance, reliability, and security

ScaleFT Zero Trust Platform Architecture Diagram
  • Our Client app is supported across every major operating system

  • The Access Fabric is designed for low latency authorization processing

  • Our Core Platform is feature-rich including built-in end-to-end PKI
  • We integrate with a wide range of Identity Providers and DevOps tools

  • All traffic is authenticated, authorized, and encrypted from end-to-end

  • We offer an admin dashboard, extendable API and CLI on top

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