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Features Included in All Plans

We offer the same core platform features regardless of your plan
SSH & RDP Integration

Users connect to Linux and Windows servers via the same user experience they are used to today.

Ephemeral Certificates

ScaleFT operates a Certificate Authority that makes a point-in-time attestation of user & device identity.


Users can transparently route SSH and RDP connections over bastions, without having to use SSH Agent Forwarding.

Endpoint Visibility

The ScaleFT Client encourages users to self-remediate for basic security settings such as system updates.

Role-based Access Controls

ScaleFT users are members of teams that are associated with resources, with administrative or general access rights.

Audits & Reports

All system events are tracked and displayed via the ScaleFT dashboard or delivered to an external logging service.

Identity Provider SSO Integration

We integrate with the major IdPs, and can build custom auth workflows for Enterprise needs

Cloud Platform Integration

We integrate with the major IaaS providers to automatically enroll resources with the platform

Support Plan Options

We offer a range of support options for our Pro and Enterprise customers

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