Securing Web Applications with ScaleFT

ScaleFT can be used to secure access to web applications, enabling centralized management and immediate enforcement of authorization policy.

ScaleFT Access Fabric

The ScaleFT Access Fabric is a geographically distributed web proxy which uses ScaleFT’s authorization engine to enforce zero trust principles. When a user attempts to access a web application protected by the Access Fabric:

  1. The user’s browser establishes a TLS session with a nearby Access Fabric node
  2. The Access Fabric will, if necessary, require the user to authenticate against their team’s configured identity provider.
  3. The Access Fabric confirms with ScaleFT’s authorization engine that the user, the client device and the user’s authentication session comply with any policies applied to the application being accessed.
  4. The Access Fabric forwards the request to the underlying application, with an attestation signed by ScaleFT confirming the user’s identity.

This process is transparent to users and can typically be completed without adding perceptible latency.