Creating a Group

ScaleFT uses groups to make it easy to grant permissions to collections of related users. Every ScaleFT team comes with two default groups:

  1. everyone - every user on your ScaleFT team is automatically a member.
  2. owners - initially only the user who created the ScaleFT team is a member, but any team administrator can add or remove users.

If you want one of the default groups to have access to your servers, skip ahead to creating a Project.

To create a new group, click “Groups” in the navigation bar, then click “New Group”.

Naming a Group

Choose a unique name to identify your group. It may not contain spaces or special characters other than -, _, or ..

Team Roles

Each group can have team-wide roles affiliated with it. Currently the only role available is Admin, which grants members of a group full administrative privileges on your team. If you want your new group to have these privileges select the “Admin” role.

Group Members

Once you’ve created the group you can add any members you wish. You can always remove members from a group later.