Okta Authentication

1. After entering your contact information and choosing your team name, select the “Okta” option for the auth backend and click “Next”. You should see a page that tells you what values to enter for “Base URL” and “Audience URI”

2. In a separate tab, log in to your Okta instance

3. Click the “Admin” button in the upper right corner

4. Go to your Applications page by clicking the “Applications” tab and selecting “Applications”

5. Click the “Add Application” button

6. Search for “ScaleFT” and click the “Add” button

7. Here, the base settings are fine. You can set the “Application label,” if you choose, then click “Done”.

8. In order to complete sign up, you MUST assign your own user to the application. Go to the “Assignments” tab and click the “Assign” button. From the dropdown, select “Assign to People”

9. Find your user and click the “Assign” button.

10. Okta will ask you to choose a username. The default email address is fine for this. Click “Save and Go Back” then click “Done”

11. You should now see your user in the list view. Next we will continue with the SAML setup. Click the “Sign On” tab

12. Click the “Edit” button

13. Here, you’ll fill in the information from Step 1 for the “Base URL” and “Audience Restriction”, then click “Save”

14. From the “Sign On” tab, click the “View Setup Instructions” button

15. Follow the instructions on the “View Setup Instructions” page to setup your sshUserName attribute, if desired.

16. From this page, you will need the Login Provider SSO URL, the Identity Provider Issuer, and the Identity Provider x.509 Certificate in PEM format

17. Back on the ScaleFT Signup page, enter each of the values from Step 15 in the corresponding place in the form and click “Authenticate With Okta”

18. Your team should now be successfully configured! When you log in to ScaleFT you will be redirected to Okta for authentication.