BeyondCast: Introducing a new Podcast series with Zero Trust security practitioners

June 4, 2018

by Ivan Dwyer

At ScaleFT, we’ve taken the lead in building a community around BeyondCorp as a way to raise awareness for the Zero Trust security model outside of Google. In the past two years of engaging with industry professionals across the globe, we’ve learned that the best way to drive adoption of Zero Trust is to make infrastructure & security professionals successful in their day-to-day work. That sounds obvious on the surface, but when you’re dealing with a macro subject such as ‘securing the network’, that means finding the right small wins that lead you down the right path.

Since this past RSA Conference, we’ve witnessed an explosion of interest in Zero Trust security across every vertical and company size. As early pioneers of the movement, we are delighted to see such incredible momentum, however we want to ensure we don’t get caught up in the buzz. We believe that the best way to remain authentic in this space is to keep our focus on making professionals successful. In that spirit, we’ve launched a new podcast series to showcase the folks who are working on a Zero Trust initiative in some regard within their organizations.

What better way to kick off this new podcast series than with Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst for Security & Risk at Forrester Research. It was John Kindervag who first coined the term Zero Trust as a Forrester Analyst back in 2013, and now Chase is taking the lead in covering the market. Our conversation took place at Okta’s annual user conference, Oktane18, in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Listen to our conversation below, and be sure to follow us on SoundCloud to get notified of new episodes.

Open Call for Participation

The value of our community efforts comes from practitioners like you. Whether you’re the IT Manager in charge of managing users and devices, the Cloud Architect responsible for the design of the network, the CSO looking to improve the overall security posture, or the SRE on call, just to name a few – the Zero Trust security model applies to your work, and we want to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to participate in an open conversation as a podcast episode, please reach out to us at:

Zero Trust" BeyondCorp

Ivan Dwyer

Ivan Dwyer is the VP of Product Marketing at ScaleFT, working with the community to raise awareness around BeyondCorp and Zero Trust for organizations of all kinds looking to modernize their security architecture.

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