Announcing General Availability and CoreOS Support

May 6, 2016

by Jason Luce

General Availability

ScaleFT is now generally available, furthering our mission to eliminate vulnerabilities relating to credential theft in the cloud. We’ve extended the reach of our unified access control capabilities beyond what we had imagined for our first publicly available release. Feedback from our customers inspired us to implement Windows RDP support, Okta & SAML integration, enhanced Google Cloud support, and improved integration with DevOps tools such as Ansible. It was also exciting to see the capabilities of our platform when we instantly mitigated OpenSSH “UseRoaming” CVE-2016-0777 across all of our customers’ fleets.

ScaleFT would like to thank our customers who have participated and provided quality feedback in our beta program over the past 9 months. ScaleFT’s enormous scope – from servers to clients, across a dozen operating systems, integrating with all our customers’ workflows – requires a tremendous breadth of feedback, so we credit our beta users for the evolution of our feature set.

How Customers Are Using ScaleFT Today

Two customers that are using ScaleFT in production today, and have been instrumental providing feedback are: Rackspace, and enterprise data protection backup services company Jungle Disk.

On October 6th of last year, Rackspace announced Fanatical Support® for Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the AWS re:Invent conference. Since launch, Rackspace has run ScaleFT on thousands of production EC2 instances, deployed as a private solution managed by Rackspace. “Our Passport feature leverages ScaleFT to give customers secure access control to their environments. That capability is a key part of our value to customers,” said Chris Cochran, SVP and General Manager of Fanatical Support for AWS at Rackspace.

Jungle Disk provides secure and reliable data threat protection services to businesses and leverages ScaleFT’s authentication solution to eliminate the risk of a data breach. “Jungle Disk is trusted by thousands of legal practices, medical groups, financial firms, and other businesses with sensitive data requirements. We use ScaleFT’s authentication solution to access servers because it reduces vulnerabilities around credential theft, and because it integrates easily and works with Ansible,” said Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk’s CEO.

ScaleFT offers a free plan and paid tiered plans based on features, usage, and support SLAs. To learn more visit

ScaleFT Integrates with CoreOS

ScaleFT is also pleased to announce native CoreOS integration and support. Integrating ScaleFT with CoreOS Linux enables deployments with added security for the enterprise. The ScaleFT CoreOS integration provides enterprises with enhanced authentication, identity integration and access controls. ScaleFT can also provide CoreOS users with unique user identification and audits, as commonly required by PCI DSS and HIPAA.

“In a cloud-native world, infrastructure requires authentication that is not only secure but also automatic and painless,” said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. “ScaleFT is addressing this need for secure infrastructure access head on. With ScaleFT’s integration and support of CoreOS Linux, our users are able to take advantage of added security through authentication controls to easily run their containers at scale in distributed environments.”

The ScaleFT server agent runs natively under CoreOS’s rkt container engine and uses a lightweight AppC container to manage user accounts in CoreOS.

ScaleFT will be presenting at CoreOS Fest next week in San Francisco and Berlin. Robert Chiniquy is speaking at the San Francisco satellite event at 11:00am PT on May 9th at 111 Minna Gallery, and Paul Querna is giving a talk titled “Navigating Compliance in a CoreOS World” at the Berlin event on May 10th at 11:00am local time.

ScaleFT Eliminates Static Credentials

ScaleFT changes how authentication is done for Linux and Windows Servers. Instead of passwords or SSH keys, dynamic credentials are distributed on-demand to users, providing the ability to dynamically re-assess risk. These credentials can be cryptographically verified on endpoints independently of the issuing platform. This unique approach is especially valuable in cloud architectures, which are often isolated from enterprise IT identity solutions.

ScaleFT’s approach is widely applicable to the most common security vulnerabilities. Static credential theft, for example, accounts for 63 percent of confirmed data breaches1. At ScaleFT, we are excited that our product is generally available, and addresses one of the most critical security issues facing business today.

  1. According to the Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report: [return]


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